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Hvad er Interchange ++

Skrevet af Viva Wallet

Opdateret: søn. 11. sep. 15.15

Following the provision of EC Regulation 751/2015 and the Payment Services Directive 2, Viva Wallet started giving merchants a fully transparent Interchange++ pricing model for card acquiring services.


'Interchange' represents the Interchange fee rate. Τhe first '+' represents the payment scheme costs. Τhis fee is usually lower than the interchange fee and ranges from 0.15% to 0.65% for e-commerce MO/TO transactions. Τhe second '+' represents the Viva Wallet acquiring service fee. This fee depends on the type of your activity, your country of residence and your company’s total turnover by payment card.


In the European Union, the interchange fees for debit cards issued by European issuers are 0.2% and cover the majority of transactions processed. The Interchange fees based on the factors above may reach up to 2%. These fees are described in more detail on the Visa / Mastercard websites.

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